Body Capture

Big actions or small, 1 person or 10, our full-body capture service is the cornerstone of our motion capture offering. We bring CG characters to life with a full range of motion. Everything from walking and running to dance, stage combat and even slam dunking have been brilliantly recorded from our NYC studio. Our suits accommodate any actor, and can be custom-tailored and color coded to meet your needs. 4-Camera video reference in 4K provides animators with generous coverage and action reference.

Facial Capture

Armed with the best tools from industry leader Faceware, Silver Spoon ensures that your talent’s complete facial expressions, lip sync and dialogue performances are captured and animated with the highest precision and quality. Multiple actors may be viewed at the same time through our live video monitoring and is perfectly in sync with body capture. Our audio engineers, mixers and boom operators ensure professional audio and dialogue recording. Facial rigging and retargeting is wonderfully executed by Silver Spoon's trusted partners.


Our full-service motion capture does not end with the recording. We know client timelines and post experience with motion capture data varies, and we handle all aspects of processing including cleaning and retargeting to facilitate the post process. Our crew is proficient in Maya, Motion Builder, Unreal and 3DsMax, and we are always ready to deliver in the right file format for your pipeline.


Silver Spoon is proud to have Scanable, the leading 3D Imaging and Scanning company, as an in-house and on-location partner, to facilitate in high-resolution, full color face and body scans of actors, vehicles, props, and environment scans, stadium scans for crowd population, and intricate set scans. Sharing our one-stop shop ethos, Scanable handles all aspects of the imaging and scanning process.


While we know our technology will ensure quality data, the best motion also requires just the right talent. Our in-house casting department finds our clients high quality talent of all types: from the regular guy on the street to dancers, stunt actors, professional athletes, military, martial artists, and acrobats. We work with the top talent agencies across the country and in Europe, and have cultivated close relationships with performance artists, and other specialized talent to give our clients a wide variety of options to choose from.

Client Services

Recognizing that motion capture can be tedious and demanding, our mission is to make you and your clients as comfortable as possible so you can do your best work. Our dedicated client services team assists with everything from catering to travel assistance, and arranges preferred rates with some of the leading hotels in the area. We offer catering from some of Brooklyn’s hottest restaurants, a fully stocked kitchen with fresh local produce delivered daily, and production assistance for on-site or last minute needs. Conference and screening rooms, and production offices are also readily available.

On Location

We go where you need us. Our portable system is ideal for on-location and mobile shoots in both studio and outdoor environments. We handle all production and shipping logistics and crew travel to make sure we’re ready to record when you say “Action.”

Virtual Camera

Our Virtual Camera (VCAM) provides all of the tools and aspects of a real camera, allowing your director to explore camera angles, movement, lenses, even crane and dolly shots inside our capture space with a physical camera and a real-time visualization of your CG characters and virtual set from their viewfinder.

Production Services

Our full production service support facilitates film, video and BR production, and photography with great local crew, including high end DPs, gaffers, grips, production designers, art directors, green screen, and Behind-the-Scenes. We also help you access equipment rental at discounted rates through our local New York City vendors.


Whether you’re building an army of unique characters or just one, we expertly design and custom-craft characters of all types: human, animal, or creature. We’ve brought famous brand characters like Chester the Cheetah to life and designed several new and original character models. Our background and environment modelers create intricate interiors as well as stunning landscapes and exteriors.


All Silver Spoon projects begin with a rig qualification to ensure that our clients receive our data perfectly. We understand that some need additional help in the rigging process. Whether done n-house or with one of our trusted partners, Silver Spoon ensures that every rig we build will accept motion capture seamlessly with no broken joints, muscles, or deformations.

Prop Shop

Our 1,000’ sq. foot ‘prop shop’ can custom-build any type of prop, cage, or stage your project requires. Our staff of designers works closely with clients and our motion capture crew, from the design to build stage, ensuring all props will both track easily and match up perfectly to the characters’ movements and environment.