Based in Brooklyn, New York at our new 12,000 sq. foot facility in Williamsburg, Silver Spoon provides premium performance capture services and creates efficiencies in realistic character animation to bring mind’s-eye visions to life. An innovator in its niche, the company pushes the boundaries of movement on screen, in the service of visual effects companies, video game publishers, life sciences, production companies, artists, and virtual reality developers.

Our in-house team of artists, engineers and developers constantly seeks to hone our skills and give our clients the best data and animation. Our team members come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, with experience in video games, feature film, commercial production, special effects, architectural design, and software development. Our culture is one of centered learning and professional growth, and as a company we welcome any opportunity to further our expertise in this exploding field. We love getting into the details, doing fun stuff in our coffee breaks, and welcoming new friends to our East Coast family!

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